Perrie was wearing this jumpsuit from motel rocks and these heeled sandals from asos

Anonymous asked:
Hi I'm going to a little mix concert in the summer and I was wondering if you could do a few perrie inspired outfits for me? I know it's ages away but just to be prepared haha :) thanks so much love your blog!

I’ve done a set but it wont let me post it to tumblr so here is a link to it on polyvore

also check out this tag

Anonymous asked:
can you please make me a few outfits for meeting emblem3 (its going to be in spring)

I’ve done a set but it’s not letting me post it tumblr so here is a link to it on polyvore

Also feel free to check this tag

Anonymous asked:
Could you do a inspired outfit with black high waisted jeans! <3

Just look in the inspired tag x

Anonymous asked:
Hi! My choir concert calls for a solid color dress And I'm not sure what to wear! Could you do an inspired of what Perrie would wear? Thanks love!

I think Pez would wear a straight navy blue dress xx :)

Today Perrie was with Zayn and fans wearing this striped tunic from Topshop

Anonymous asked:
I used to like perrie but now I hate her

That’s very unfortunate xx 

Anonymous asked:
could you please do some perrie inspired spring looks?

Done xx

Spring Looks by style-xxx featuring embroidered shirts

Anonymous asked:
could you do an inspired look for a semi-formal party?

This last look I did would work fine x