brooklynnstauffer asked:
Hey love, can you do an inspired outfit for the first day of school?

Just posted it!

-Jess xx

Inspired first day of school outfit by jess-reckless featuring backpacks bags

Anonymous asked:
I have the same dress from All Saints that Perrie wore on her birthday, it's incredibly see through, do you know if she wore something underneath? Thanks!

I don’t think that she wore anything under it but you could wear bathers, a crop top and boy leg shorts or a singlet dress.

-Jess xx

Anonymous asked:
I was wondering if you would be able to do an inspired for perrie wearing blue and black checkered tights, or if you cant that's cool :)


-Jess xx

Inspired with black and blue checkered leggins by jess-reckless featuring converse high tops

Anonymous asked:
hi can you do perrie inspired with a red and black plaid cardigan. Thank you!!

Just posted it love!

-Jess xx

Inspired with red and black plaid cardigan by jess-reckless featuring high top shoes

tahlia-may asked:
Hi dear do you know where perrie got her white shirt dress from?

No I don’t! I’m looking for it at the moment, so I will let you know if I find it!

-Jess xx

aboutperrieedwards asked:
Hi love! I’m a new analysis blog about Perrie Edwards. Here you can ask and tell anything about her public life (carreer, music, relationships). If it isn't a problem for you could you give me a shout out? xx

Go check her out guys!

-Jess xx

Perrie at Radio City Live - July 20

Shoes - Exact! X

Tights - Exact! (Webpage not working)

Bodysuit - Exact! Sold out

Shorts - Exact! Sold out

Necklace - Exact! X

-Jess xx